RT @peterbronski: Did you read Wheat Bel

RT @peterbronski: Did you read Wheat Belly? Hear about it? Plan to read it? You can’t afford to miss our critique. http://t.co/HIcIcQDT #gf

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We’ve moved!

Hello, you lovely gluten-free folks.

We’ve moved our operation all over to one unified site — if you visit us at glutentox.com/blog, you’ll have access to all the posts visible here, plus new ones!

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Did @food_paul find #gluten w/ our test

Did @food_paul find #gluten w/ our test kit? Read his review to find out! http://tinyurl.com/7cbg7cj

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Gluten Detection 101: Antibodies and Proteins

Today my (Emily’s) second post went up over at Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom.


The post deals with gluten detection, of course, which is an area near and dear to my heart. Specifically, I try to explain a bit about what happens when a person tests for gluten. What are they looking for? Why are some tools better than others? Where’s Waldo?

It would be silly to rewrite the post here, so I’ll just point you straight to the source: Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom

Stay tuned for more posts about the differences between lateral flow and ELISA tests, the murky world of gluten in oats, and all sorts of other tidbits of gluten-free knowledge.

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Why the Price Increase?

Some of you may notice that our prices are slightly higher than they were last year. Although we’ve held off as long as possible on any price increase, this week we’ve had to make the change.

The new prices reflect increased costs for the materials inside the test kits, as well as increased costs for transporting the kits here from Spain. They also reflect our ongoing commitment to ensuring the best-possible product at every level.

We’d like to take this as an opportunity to remind everyone:

  • GlutenTox Home remains a qualified medical expense for anyone with a medically-diagnosed need for the gluten-free diet and an FSA, HRA, HSA, etc. So, the test kit can be purchased with before-tax dollars.
  • We offer high-volume, bulk pricing for all of our products. If you test often, or if you are part of a celiac support group or other network, please inquire about discounted orders.
  • Our mailing list offers occasional discounts and promotions, along with news and cutting-edge research from the gluten-free world.

To ease everyone into the new prices, we’re offering free domestic shipping on all GlutenTox Home orders placed between today and Friday the 13th (offer ends 12pm EST 01/13/12). Just enter the code GF2012 when prompted at checkout.

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FaveDiets Giveaway: Two of our Gluten Test Kits (for two lucky winners!)

We mentioned there would be more news from FaveDiets, right?

Head on over to their site for details on the GlutenTox Home Giveaway, and to enter — there are 2 chances to win!

Deadline for entry is January 1, so you have a little time. Entry is easy, just click the link above (or below). You can earn up to four additional entries by sharing news about the contest; increase your odds of winning, says FaveDiets, by:

  1. If you blog about this giveaway at your blog, we’ll give you an extra entry. Send us the link to your blog post.
  2. If you twitter about this giveaway, you’ll get an extra entry. Please see below to easily share this contest on Twitter and earn an extra contest entry.
  3. If you add a link to us on your blogroll or website, we’ll give you an extra entry. Again, please show us that link!
  4. If you post a link to this contest on your Facebook page on your wall, we’ll give you an extra entry. Please see below to easily share this contest on Facebook and earn an extra contest entry.
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Review of our Gluten Test Kits: FaveDiets Reviews GlutenTox Home

Wanted to share yet another positive review: FaveDiets gives GlutenTox Home 4 stars!

Our favorite sentence from the review?

“It’s basic enough that anyone can use it, but the scientific element makes the process almost thrilling.”

The testers at FaveDiets used GlutenTox to check some sweetened condensed milk, and also a packet of bacon ranch dressing mix — which raises a very good point. Just because something doesn’t contain any obviously-gluten-containing ingredients does not mean it’s gluten-free! Cross contamination is a major concern.

Check back at FaveDiets next week, as they may have an additional something to say about GlutenTox (cough cough giveaway contest hint cough cough).

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