Why the Price Increase?

Some of you may notice that our prices are slightly higher than they were last year. Although we’ve held off as long as possible on any price increase, this week we’ve had to make the change.

The new prices reflect increased costs for the materials inside the test kits, as well as increased costs for transporting the kits here from Spain. They also reflect our ongoing commitment to ensuring the best-possible product at every level.

We’d like to take this as an opportunity to remind everyone:

  • GlutenTox Home remains a qualified medical expense for anyone with a medically-diagnosed need for the gluten-free diet and an FSA, HRA, HSA, etc. So, the test kit can be purchased with before-tax dollars.
  • We offer high-volume, bulk pricing for all of our products. If you test often, or if you are part of a celiac support group or other network, please inquire about discounted orders.
  • Our mailing list offers occasional discounts and promotions, along with news and cutting-edge research from the gluten-free world.

To ease everyone into the new prices, we’re offering free domestic shipping on all GlutenTox Home orders placed between today and Friday the 13th (offer ends 12pm EST 01/13/12). Just enter the code GF2012 when prompted at checkout.


About Emport, LLC

North American distributor for GlutenTox and AlerTox, easy and accurate test kits that detect traces of gluten, soy, casein, nuts, etc. Kits for consumers as well as food safety professionals. http://www.glutentox.com
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