GlutenTox for Business

GlutenTox Home was developed to respond to the many requests for a simple gluten test kit that Biomedal was receiving in Spain. Emport, LLC brought it to the USA for exactly the same reason.


We recognize that many gluten-free businesses and commercial kitchens also have a need to test their ingredients, their products, and their prep surfaces to verify that everything is truly gluten-free. If you are a:

  • manufacturer of a gluten-free food or drink,
  • restaurant that serves gluten-free food (or wants to be able to safely inform your diners whether or not a particular item is gluten-free),
  • caterer, cafeteria or banquet facility that sometimes feeds celiac guests, or
  • other organization with a need for larger quantities of gluten test kits

then send us an email! Our test kits are recognized by the Gluten Intolerance Group’s GFCO as an important component of any food safety program, and we can help you to keep everyone safe, happy, and gluten-free.


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